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2022: The Year in Review

From the onset, 2022 was a very challenging year for investors and financial markets alike.  As global economies shrugged off the malaise of the coronavirus

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2022: Weathering the Financial Storm

We are only halfway through 2022, but most Americans have had enough bad economic and investment news to last several years. How bad were the

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Economic and Market Review 2021

After one of the most difficult years in decades, 2021 may have been one of the most eagerly anticipated years in recent memory. Emerging from

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All Time High Anxiety

Investors are often conflicted about record-high stock prices. They are pleased to see their existing equity holdings gain in value but apprehensive that higher prices

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How Should Investors Handle Inflation

One of the biggest financial stories of 2021 has been the surge in inflation. Disrupted supply chains, shortages of willing workers, rising energy prices and

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One Year Later: What is Normal?

Twelve months. One’s perspective on that measure of time inevitably changes as you progress through life and may depend, in part, on your chosen profession

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Timeless Investing Lessons from David Booth

In 2021 Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) reaches a major milestone as it celebrates forty years of providing money management and investment solutions to investors all

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2020: The Year in Review

“May you live in interesting times,” purportedly the English translation of a traditional Chinese curse, may very well be the best expression to summarize 2020.

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Presidential Elections and Market Returns

“Has it been four years already?”  That questions is a popular refrain heard frequently as our nation readies itself for our next Presidential election on