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Our Engineered Process

The Bollin Wealth Management Financial Engineering process is based on the globally-recognized planning standards and best-practices articulated by the Certified Financial Planner™ Board and Nobel Prize-winning investment strategies developed by the leading financial minds in academia and industry. We unite these strategies with the principles and problem-solving processes fundamental to the engineering profession.

The result is a systematic and disciplined approach to building, preserving, and transferring our clients’ wealth. Our Financial Engineering process aligns clients’ financial goals with structured financial planning and investment strategies that provide more predictable, controllable, and repeatable progress towards achievement of their financial goals.

Bollin Wealth Financial Planning Process
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The Process: Step by Step

In the first step of our financial planning process, our goal is to understand your situation and what is important to you. Once we understand your values, financial goals and definition of financial success, we establish and define the client relationship. We help you determine which financial planning model is most appropriate for your circumstances whether it be a one-time financial plan or an ongoing relationship with comprehensive wealth management solutions.

We gather additional information to gain the clarity necessary to assess and objectively analyze your situation. We drill down to understand your values, attitudes, expectations, needs and priorities.

We review your current investments, risk management strategies, tax situation and estate plan and monitor the relevant external financial, economic and political influences to gain a complete understanding of your financial circumstances.

We take a deep dive into your financial condition. We assess the advantages and disadvantages of your current financial circumstances through the lens your stated goals. Alternative courses of action are examined and evaluated against their likely contribution towards achieving your financial goals.

We determine the recommended course(s) of action that maximize your ability to achieve your financial goals. We then present the recommended strategies to you, fully articulating the likely outcomes for each recommended course of action, so that you can make the best-informed decision for you and your family.
Depending on which financial planning model you choose, we determine the parties responsible for implementing the financial plan. We identify, analyze, and prioritize the actions and solutions required to implement the recommended strategies, with all parties understanding their responsibilities and timing requirements.
We mutually determine a schedule for periodic reviews of your financial plan informed by the financial planning model chosen by the client. Based on the results of the review, elements of your financial plan will change over time to reflect progress towards client goals, and changes in the client’s own personal circumstances and/or the economic and financial environment.

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