Total Wealth Management

Full-Service Approach

The Total Wealth Management Solution is perfect for clients who are looking for a a full-service approach. Total Wealth Management combines Financial Planning and Investment Management making it our most comprehensive solution. With this solution our team develops, implements, and monitors your plan.  

Investment strategies are selected and constructed to match each client’s specific time horizon and risk tolerance as determined by both the client and Bollin Wealth Management. Each strategy is engineered to support achievement of each client’s short and long-term financial goals. 

Total Wealth Management Process
Total Wealth Management Process (Click to Expand)

fee structure

At Bollin Wealth Management, we are up front about our Financial Planning Fees. For our Total Wealth Management Solution, the fee structure is based on the Assets Under Management (AUM) Compensation Model. 

The annual fee starts at 1.25% and drops to as low as 0.40% based on the amount of assets that are being managed. If you have any questions about our fee structure please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to assist you.

Assets Under ManagementAnnual Fee

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