How Can You Avoid Mistakes in an Economic Downturn

Avoiding Mistakes in an Economic Downturn

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The economic downturn that began earlier in 2020 resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak has led to a period of economic contraction that some economists are calling a recession.  The fallout of the pandemic has been disjointed, leaving some Americans struggling to pay their bills, while other Americans are largely unaffected financially.  Whether or not the downturn turns into an actual…

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An economic recession doesn't mean market recoveries are far behind.

Does a Recession Mean Negative Returns?

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As many industries and economic sectors shut down earlier this spring in concerted efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, many economists opined that the U.S. economy faced a certain recession.  Recessions are generally defined as two consecutive quarters of negative growth in U.S. production.  But other criteria may also be utilized to declare a recession, including a sharp…

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2019 Market Review

2019: The Year in Review

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Despite a gloomy outlook at the onset of the year, 2019 proved to be a stellar year for investments and a strong year for the economy of the United States.  Following a frightful fourth quarter in 2018 that saw the S&P 500 drop 13.53% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average lose 11.8%, investors had little to be optimistic about as…

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