Investment Portfolio Strategies

Bollin Wealth Management offers customized Investment Management Services to individuals and institutions. Investment portfolios are constructed to match the client’s specific time horizon and risk tolerance as determined by both the client and Bollin Wealth Management. Each investment portfolio is engineered to achieve both the short and long-term investment objectives of the client while providing the maximum expected investment returns for the amount of risk the client is willing to take.

Investment Portfolio Risk and Return Spectrum

Strategic Solutions

We help many types of clients reach their financial goals at Bollin wealth Management. Here are a few specific examples of people we have helped over the years.

Small Business Retirement Plan

A local accounting firm wanted to establish a retirement plan. Trevor, the owner of the accounting company, had several goals for establishing a retirement plan: allow employees and Trevor to defer a significant amount of compensation in a qualified plan, reward employees who had been loyal to the firm for an extended period of time, and minimize the cost associated with the start-up retirement plan. Trevor’s preference for the retirement plan was to establish a new 401(k) plan.

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401K to Fund Start-up Business

Entrepreneur uses 401K to Fund Start-up

Trevor introduced us to Kevin, one of his accounting clients, who wanted to establish an industrial cleaning company. Kevin had recently been laid-off from his job, and was not having much luck obtaining a business loan from banks. Kevin did have a $110,000 rollover IRA from his previous employer, and wondered if there was any way he could utilize this asset without paying steep penalties or taxes.

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Inheritance Benefits Multiple Generations

Claudia and Gerald were referred to Bollin Wealth Management by the attorney handling the disposition of Claudia’s father’s estate. Claudia and Gerald met with us and during our first meeting we explored their financial goals, their values concerning family and wealth, and what this legacy Claudia’s father was leaving meant to them.

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401k plan

401(k) Plan

A local family-owned professional services company inquired about establishing a 401(k) or similar retirement plan for their company. After interviewing the owners of the company about the needs of the employees and the owners as well as the parameters of the organization, we evaluated the types of retirement plans available to them.

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Retirement Income

Retirees Receive Extra Retirement Income

Vince and Judy were retirees in their late seventies seeking extra income to meet their rising medical and living expenses. Their current advisor was unable to generate any additional investment income for them, and Vince and Judy were contemplating a reverse mortgage to meet their needs.

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Income from an Injury Settlement

Maximizing Income from Injury Settlement

Don and Kathy had recently received an injury settlement from Don’s employer, and were referred to Bollin Wealth Management to ensure that the settlement would provide them with the income necessary to live comfortably. Don had been seriously injured while working at his employer and was unable to work in his previous occupation.

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