Our Services

Bollin Wealth Management’s offerings cover a wide-range of wealth management needs for our entrepreneurial, professional and high net-worth clientele. In addition to the offerings detailed below, Bollin Wealth Management advises our clients in the areas of business succession planning, estate planning, charitable giving and gifting, and risk management.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services cover a variety of areas and needs, including:

Retirement Planning

Whether you are exploring different retirement scenarios or trying to determine exactly how much you need to save to comfortably retire, Bollin Wealth Management will work with you to understand your retirement goals and income needs. Once we fully understand your situation, needs, and goals, we will identify strategies for funding and achieving your retirement goals.

Comprehensive Planning

Many investors seek the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are on track to achieving all of their financial goals. For those investors we provide a comprehensive financial plan that incorporates all of their financial information and analyzes their ability to reach all of their financial goals through a combination of situational studies and scenario planning.

Customized Financial Planning Solutions

We can also provide customized planning solutions for many situations, including:
• Asset allocation recommendations
• Investment portfolio review
• Budgeting and spending plans
• Education planning
• Estate planning reviews
• Pension, inheritance and annuity distribution advice
• Investment tax reduction strategies
• 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement plan reviews

Investment Advisory and Wealth Management

Bollin Wealth Management offers personalized investment advisory and wealth management services to individuals and institutions. Investment recommendations and strategies are devised for clients based on a variety of factors including: age, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial goals, and retirement income needs.

Our investment advisory services are delivered through an ongoing, repeatable five-step process:

financial planningGather Data and Define Goals

The first step of our Investment Advisory Process is to gather all of the information about our clients’ situation and define (and sometimes redefine) their specific financial goals.

steps in financial planningAnalyze and Evaluate Situation

The second step of our Investment Advisory Process is to analyze our clients’ current situation to determine the problems in their current plan that will prevent them from reaching their financial goals. We then evaluate the potential alternatives to determine which solution(s) will allow our clients to achieve their financial goals.

planning solutionDevelop Recommendations, Alternatives

The third step of our Investment Advisory Process is to develop a recommended strategy for our clients, based on our findings and analysis. We then present our strategy recommendations to our client, and collaboratively agree on the financial strategy to implement.

implement financial planImplement Financial Plan

Our fourth step of the Investment Advisory Process involves executing the strategy agreed to in step three. Special consideration is made with implementation strategies to avoid and/or minimize expenses and taxes.

financial goalsMonitor and Review the Financial Plan

The fifth step in our Investment Advisory Process involves monitoring and reviewing performance and progress towards our clients’ financial goals. Completion of step five leads back into step one of our iterative process and continues for the duration of our advisory relationship.

investment advisory process

Corporate Retirement Services

Just as every business is unique, so too is the solution that will optimize the retirement planning capabilities for every firm. Whether designing a new plan or enhancing and improving an existing plan, Bollin Wealth Management follows a comprehensive planning process that delivers the most efficient and successful retirement plan experiences for both the plan sponsors and their valued employees.

Business owners’ time and energy are best spent focusing on the core aspects of their business. Bollin Wealth Management relieves plan sponsors from the day-to-day burden of managing their retirement plan and provides plan sponsors with the maximum amount of protection from fiduciary exposure through the careful design, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of plans.

By focusing on improving plan efficiencies through minimizing expenses, plan design, improved investment returns, participant education, and participant utilization, Bollin Wealth Management can help plan sponsors and participants increase the value of their retirement accounts and increase the likelihood that plan participants will reach their retirement and other financial goals.

Bollin Wealth Management helps business organizations:

  • Develop retirement plan solutions that align with corporate strategic, financial and cultural objectives
  • Evaluate retirement plan options to ensure that organizations are selecting the best solution from the competitive landscape
  • Implement competitively-priced plans that seek to maximize employee education and participation
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and review of plan utilization and participation, investment options and compliance with all government regulations

Unbiased advice. Transparent Fees.

Bollin Wealth Management provides our investment advisory services on a fee-only basis, which means our fees are fully disclosed to clients and we do not receive commissions for our investment recommendations. We utilize fee-only compensation for our investment advice because it is the most transparent manner of compensation for our clients, and eliminates any potential conflicts of interests or bias, since our investment recommendations and solutions are revenue neutral. Our fee-only investment advisory services are delivered based on a small percentage of your portfolio value, and are billed quarterly. Our fee schedule is tiered, and is the same regardless of the investment strategy recommended. Our financial planning services are delivered on a flat-fee deliverable basis, or at an hourly rate of $180.00 an hour. Most financial plans cost $1,800 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of the client’s situation.